What could two gals 4,746 miles apart possibly have in common?

A love of romance and happily ever afters, of course!


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Praise for Rebecca's The Blacksmith's Son and The Earl's Christmas Colt...

4 Stars from These Pretty Words for The Blacksmith's Son ~ "Romantic and mysterious, The Blacksmith's Son will quench your thirst for a little historical love story."

5 Stars from Rachel Harris's Goodreads review for The Earl's Christmas Colt ~ "If you are looking for a feel-good Christmas read, here it is."


Rebecca's book, The Blacksmith's Son, is being featured on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at eBookSoda, a new readers' site where they'll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your taste.


From Here to There Romance Blog

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Posted 17 weeks ago

Top Ten Reasons We LOVE Summer:

Alaskan Style:

1. Daylight, daylight, daylight! Yay, daylight! Hours upon hours of it.

2.  All those projects we put off last winter can get done now, because we have the energy to get them done. (amazing what daylight does for you)

3.  Planting flowers.

4.  Long walks listening to audiobooks on my iphone.

5.  Horseback rides.

Floridian Style:

6. Pool time!

7. Beach time!

8. Theme park time!

9. Watermelon time!

10. Longer daylight hours to enjoy all of the above!


Photo of Nothern Lights borrowed with permission from T. McCarty

Posted 39 weeks ago