It's all about the adventure!

Exciting News:

My Romantic Suspense -  Seducing the P.I. - placed third in the Heart of the West Contest 2013, Mystery Category

My Contemporary Romance - Cowboy in Her Bed placed first in The Lone Star Writing Competition 2014, Contemporary Romance Category

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 The short of it:

Melinda B. Pierce is an author hobbyist, mother of two, and self-proclaimed trophy wife – although her husband defines her as being more high maintenance than anything else.  When she has time she writes in almost every sub-genre of romance and refuses to follow the path of most resistance.

The long of it:

I'm originally from small-town, Georgia, and grew up between cotton and peanut fields. My early roads to adventure were paved in black and white pages encased in worn book covers. I owned the complete set of The Babysitters Club, read Edgar Allen Poe even when I didn't understand it, and at my dad's gentle nudging, read books by Louis L'Amour and Laura Ingalls Wilder. (thanks, Daddy!) My love of romance comes from my momma sharing her Johanna Lindsey and Kathleen E. Woodiwiss historicals. (I still love you, Fabio!)

When I graduated high school, I joined the Army and became a Military Police Officer. Following the military, I worked for a social services office, and finally settled into a paralegal position with a top law firm in Tampa, Florida.

My biggest adventures to date come in the form of a 2 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter. And as if the ultra-privilege of being a mother wasn't enough, I also get to be a writer. Life doesn't get much better than this!

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